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All of our creations are custom designed for each client and are carefully handcrafted works of art. We are highly dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail and the upmost in quality invitations and stationery. All of our products are designed using only the finest quality cardstocks and papers, as well as professional adhesives that will stand the test of time. Our stationery is sure to make a memorable first impression, one that will highlight those enchanted moments.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Setting the Tone For Your Wedding

Though often overlooked, your invitations play a very important part of your big day. They give your guests a first impression and “glimpse” of your wedding. It’s important to ensure that this first impression is one that is memorable, and at the same time is a good representation of you and your wedding. Your invitations should reflect you, right from the colours and style you choose, to the wording, and choice of embellishments. Attention to detail is important. It gives your guests the sense that you have taken great care in planning every aspect of your wedding. Take the time when picking your invitations to ensure that you have just the right ones. After all, you, your fiancé, and your life together are unique, so why shouldn’t your wedding invitations be too? Invitations are one of the few things your guests get to keep and remember your wedding by, so make them special. It’s because of this that I recommend either having your invitations custom designed for you, or designing them yourself. That way, you don’t run the risk of having invitations that someone else may have seen or used before.

Invitation Styles:
There are many invitation styles out there. Although traditional wedding invitations used to be a single flat card, and were normally always white, recent years have changed the scope of diversity to incorporate the wedding colours, themes, patterns, and unique embellishments, as well as varying the shape and styles of the invitation to include: circular, square, folding, pocket fold, petal fold,  and scroll invitations. This is the foundation of your invitation so have fun with it. If you are ordering custom invitations, your designer may also be able to design other shapes and styles to best meet your inspiration.
If you are having a destination wedding, you could consider doing invitations that look like boarding passes or passports. It’s something different and a unique take on invitations. For a more traditional wedding, you could think of getting invitations closed with a wax seal. There are many colours of wax and different seals that you can choose from to add that personalized touch to your invites. Perhaps you have an interesting story to tell of how you met. You could incorporate that into a story book style invite. Some designers offer creative writing services and could help you tell your story in a unique way.

It is becoming more common to incorporate your wedding colours into the invitations. If this is what you opt to do, try your best to match the colours perfectly. Though this may be a challenge, try bringing samples of fabric or elements of your wedding with you when selecting your colours. This will then help you have something to compare to. If you are unable to find just the right colour match in your paper selections, try looking for the most difficult colour to match in other elements of your invitation. For example, accenting your invitations with colour matched graphics or possibly you may have a better chance at finding the elusive colour in ribbon or fabric that can be incorporated into the stationery.
Another thing to consider when selecting your colours is the tone they will set for your wedding. For example, bright and vibrant colours would suggest that the tone of your wedding will have a more upbeat and a fun mood. If you are wanting something a little slower and romantic, I recommend keeping your colours soft and more conventional. For a royal and luxurious feel to your wedding, incorporating colours like royal purple, ruby red, royal blue, silver, or gold may be what you need to give just the right amount of the wow factor. Your colours will also reflect your personalities, so take time to ensure you have thought them through carefully. Until next time!
- Ruth Loewen

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