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All of our creations are custom designed for each client and are carefully handcrafted works of art. We are highly dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail and the upmost in quality invitations and stationery. All of our products are designed using only the finest quality cardstocks and papers, as well as professional adhesives that will stand the test of time. Our stationery is sure to make a memorable first impression, one that will highlight those enchanted moments.

Monday 30 January 2012

Embarrassing moments....

I know we all have them. With doing displays at 2 wedding shows in the last 2 weeks it was sure to happen that I would encounter at least one embarrassing moment and sure enough I did.
         Ok, so the past week or so I’ve had a cold. Not exactly what you would call great timing with wedding shows in tow. I was working my booth at the Wonderful Wedding Show in Winnipeg, and all was going well until suddenly I felt an urge to cough. Trying to avoid sounding like contagious germ carrier I tried to suppress the cough. Well the instant I did that I knew I was in trouble. My eyes began to water and the urge to cough intensified. Just then there were two ladies at my booth who were asking questions about my stationery. As soon as I went to talk I realized that I had also lost my voice. All that came out of my mouth were whispering and squeaks sounds resembling that of a sticky windshield wiper. I cleared my throat repeatedly but to no avail, all the while trying to suppress the growing urge to cough. So there I am, standing there squeaking away with tears flooding from my eyes and streaming down my face. I can only imagine what they must have thought and the incident left me feeling like a blubbering idiot lol. Somehow I managed to answer their questions and then after they left my booth I broke into a strenuous coughing fit.
         Moral of the story: I think us business professionals often put so much emphasis on being “professional” that we forget to display or remember that we, just like anybody else, are human. There is nothing like an embarrassing blunder to put any illusions aside and everything back into perspective. :)
- Ruth

Thursday 26 January 2012

The Bride With A Sticky Tongue...

You’ve got your invitations, you’re so excited....but now the daunting task of stuffing envelopes awaits you. At this point you may be having nightmares, dreaming of all the hundreds of sticky, gluey envelopes to be licked and wondering how many friends or family, you can con into helping you. There is hope! Here are some helpful tips for sealing envelopes without a sticky tongue.

Things you will need:
- Dish towel
- A glass with 1/2 of water in it
- A stencil paint brush (flat cut on the bottom with stiffer bristles)

Lay the dish towel down flat on a table. Then place the already stuffed envelope with flap open on top of your dish towel. Dip your paint brush in the water, dab once on the towel (to get rid of excess water) and then dab along the outer edge of the glue strip on the envelope flap. Seal the’re done!
Helpful hints:
You want just enough water to wet the glue, so make sure the brush is not dripping. One dip of water to the brush should wet up to 4 envelopes before it has to be dipped again. Make sure when dabbing the glue strip that you don’t smear the glue since this could result in it getting on an area of the envelope that could stick to your invitation inside.

Other tips for stuffing envelopes:
Address all your envelopes before stuffing them. This avoids indenting the invitation inside with your pen. Then stuff all your envelopes before sealing any of them. That way if you forgot to put something in one of them (like an RSVP card) you can go back and put it in. After that you are all set to seal and send!

Happy stuffing!

- Ruth Loewen

Monday 23 January 2012

The Wonderful Wedding Show 2012

Well we are back from the wonderful wedding show and I have to say that this year’s show was truly wonderful. Our booth was buzzing with people and I want to thank everyone who stopped by! Something I noticed this year was an increase in the number of support people that accompanied the brides and grooms to be, which was nice to see. Here are a couple of photos of our booth:

I also had the pleasure of meeting some amazing wedding vendors at the show.
Across the aisle from me was Pearl Angelini Photography. Pearl and her husband Frank are such a delightful couple and we all had so much fun chatting in-between the lulls in the onset of people. I found Pearl’s take on photography to be very impressive and tasteful; that coupled with her warm and bubbly personality makes her to be, what I consider an ideal photographer. One that would make anyone’s big day just that much more special! If you are looking for a good photographer this one comes highly recommended! :)

Kitty-corner to my booth was Decorations By Rick with a mesmerizing display of gorgeous center pieces and crystal chandeliers. Rick truly possesses that “magic touch” and ability to incorporate the wow factor into his décor.

I’m looking forward to the new clients I have met and get to design for in 2012! What a great kick off to the year!
       - Ruth    

Monday 16 January 2012

Sneak Peeks...

So quite a while ago I had mentioned that I had a bunch of new designs I would be adding to the gallery. Well, as you may have noticed I haven’t gotten that far quite yet (lol) but here are some sneak peeks into the new designs that will be having their big début at the Wonderful Wedding Show in Winnipeg this coming weekend! Enjoy....

Saturday 7 January 2012

New Domain Name - We got it!

I’m so happy to announce that we are now the proud owners of our new domain name: ! Our other domain name will still remain active but this at least makes it easier for people to remember our web address since there is no hyphen in it. Yay! :)
- Ruth

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Wedding Shows!

The new year is here and now many of us wedding vendors are all in a bustle to get ready for what we call “the Wedding Show season”. I love wedding show season! It’s that time in the year where I get to meet with engaged couples face to face and talk about their weddings! We will be attending the Wonderful Wedding Show in Winnipeg (booth #1016) on January 21st and 22nd, and the Westman Wedding Expo in Brandon (booth B7) on January 29th. If you’re in the area come on down and say hi! This year I hope to get some photos my display to share here on my blog. :)
- Ruth